25 May 2011

Little Plant

Plucked this little branch of Japanese Rose (I named it so since long ago) at road side more than 2 mths ago.

2011-05-25 13.39.34

Thought it will be grow wild and healthy under my care. Nothing develop on this little branch since than. Transfer it to stand alone plastic 2 wks ago…. still no new leaf coming out. Time to give up… than 2 days ago saw this reddish flower bud started to grow bigger… ooi….. no joke joke…. getting bigger today.

Seriously, how the plant got the nutrition under such a unhealthy condition ? Cat face


Anonymous said...

I hv grown tis plt b4. They needs sunlight to flower. Sui

Anonymous said...

put some fertilizers over it....maybe your "tea" will be more fertile...
Fm : JJ

Ah Tom said...

hahaha... the poor thing already so "Yellow Sour".. still put fertiszer or shi shi.. u want me to murder it kar ?