30 April 2011

Other than the Prince & Princess

Time to make another short posting on yesterday Royal wedding. The Prince and Princess were great so no need to touch on them.

Why not we take a look at the most horrible sign from the celebration ?

Obviously those of you who tuned in to the live report will not miss out this picture !!!!


Any chance that one of you would say the head gear wear by Princess Beatrice look good ? Both of the off spring for Sarah are nothing close to gorgeous but still does they need to show it to entire world that they are ugly ?

The only other female guest that able to snap away the ugly title from above princess is my favourite Ah Sor…. ever hot Camilla, she keep her big hair like always…. but she think having a big hat able to enhance her image….. Smile with tongue out 

Camilla 2

The only lady (other than the bride) from this royal family that look great for this party is Ms E….. she made Lemon look sexy ! Open-mouthed smile


mmm….. time to get my mum a lemon dress for next year CNY…..

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