22 April 2011

My Easter Day

I never know that I will come to a stage that have anything link to Easter Day… until this year.

Christina, the very sweet Greek Ah Sor from one of the shop I serve told me she have something for me on Easter back to 1 wk ago. She want me to pick up from her on Thu and these are what I have with me now.


I got a chocolate Bunny !

A few pieces of home made bread (she made it herself) and the most shocking was it came with a red egg (Ang Kui Nui)

I am so happy with her kind gesture and I told her this bag of gift from her will be turn up at KL on Easter morning.

No kidding, by the time you reading this posting, I may be taking a bite on my home made ah mor roti lor ! Smile with tongue out…. under temperature of 30C +++

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