09 March 2011

Weekend breakfast

Last Saturday was a good day because warm and sunny… in good mood therefore venture out from my comfort zone before noon.

Malvern was the place I choose to visit….. just like any other busy street around Melbourne…. a long street of 2km length with many shops line up along the street.

2011-03-05 12.28.11

I like this place more than other street I had visited in the past…. it could be due to this place have less fast foods store and crazy groceries outlets.

Found a cake shop which have very local look. This was what I rewarded myself for making the effort to come here…

2011-03-05 11.52.22

A more special taste lamintong cake (inside have filling n the coconut on top taste fresh) Like my cuppa too….. Surprised smile

The next photo snap from another bakery shop….. mmmm… should be some type of traditional cookies from Europe. The name of the shop never reflect the origin of the owner…

2011-03-05 11.44.00

At least these things were different from what I commonly see at my place or CBD.

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