02 March 2011

Tim Tam….. and Tom

My body frozen when I saw this promotion !!! Surprised smile

2011-03-02 13.20.49

Another super cheap promotion for Tim Tam…. in 25mins time I am at supermarket alley with half of my basket fill with packs of biscuit…

Oh ya…. the most exciting part was the top 2 packs on above photo are new flavour => “Rum & Raisin” and “Mint

2011-03-02 15.21.50

hehehehe…. these are the collection of Tim Tam biscuit I gather in my apartment by now…. and I am expecting the quantity will go up higher… Smile with tongue out


Anonymous said...

wow wow wow.....rum n raisin..shiok..
must be really nice. In spore nvr see rum n raisin Tim Tam before leh.
ok,need to visit supermarket to check whether spore got bring in rum n raisin flavour for Tim Tam boh.

Fm : JJ

Ah Tom said...

JJ.. I doubt they are available at LionLand yet... let us know if any..

Anonymous said...

JJ: dun need to check...currently SG dun hv. Rum & Raisin & caramel hardly imported over here. .. ...This Tom, then dislike him lor, always put up pics of this type. Sui