08 March 2011

Nude Cyclist

Melbourne's fourth annual Naked Bike Ride kicked off at the Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy and took riders on a 10-kilometre trip through the city's streets.

Organiser Heidi Hill says the ride protests in favour of bike activism, as well as naturism, environmentalism and pacifism.


This event carried out on last Sunday. If only found out thru evening news or else…. hehehehe….. sure I will be standby at the city street to get my eyes wash !  Hot smile


Anonymous said...

oh...u can actually see so many nudes for free u knw...wat a waste..u co-workers & melb. friends bad bad bad,never pre infm u. Sui

Ah Tom said...

Sui, Fitzroy is an area.. example.. Hougang.
Fitzroy St is a name of street and this name appeared in many places.