03 March 2011

Mushroom again

2011-03-03 18.32.43

oop… forget to removed the “Reduced” sticker when taking photo… now u guys know I am such a cheap skate Asian man liao Smile with tongue out

So another night with mushroom cooking… this time I pick White Mushroom (which is more expensive)  Just like before, stir fried and here was my finished dish !

2011-03-03 18.59.33

I no shame to tell you that this time no more funny taste…. how I know ? I finished 1/2 of the mushrooms in a single… that’s Good ! Thumbs up I believe it is mainly due to the type of mushroom as they type do not have strong raw “mor ku” smell when serve.

D, thank you for your suggestion of chicken pieces. I added in and it do made the dish taste and feel less boring. You are the ONE !

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Anonymous said...

Add veges into it too lar. Not balance diet meal lor. I am the type who tries to buy items at reduced price too. Sui