25 March 2011

More Dishes

Yesterday party big time at home. Upon arrived home at 1pm, 2 plates of tasty dishes ready on table….

Mum show off her Tau Yu Bak (Black Sauce Pork), one of her ever famous dish…. Nah, here come the photo

2011-03-24 12.57.55

I always craving of this dish but lazy to cook… she briefed me on how to prepare this dish…. not sure am I going to do the cooking. Likely will give it a try soon…

2nd dish were stir fried Choy Sum… mmm.. this one complicated…. mum said Sis’s dish cause she fried it than oh….. Sis said this is mum dish cause she created the mixture

2011-03-24 12.58.01

Than come dinner…. Sis said she want to eat fish (because last few days she eat chicken day and night) So I suggest Asam Fish, using the prepack sauce.

When Sis started to wok here wok there… than I reliased she know how to handle this formula (later found out she using same method to cook for her family in Spore) See her finishing goods…. mmmm… this is a so much better version than my previous attempt Annoyed

2011-03-24 20.22.17

The next dish for last night dinner could be the most worthy choice. Fried Celery. I very exited with this finding on how to cook Celery in the way I like to consume.

2011-03-24 20.22.23

It is a very simple cooking method which I appreciate lot cause I can cook it in coming day. With this knowledge I could save some $$ (as celery is not so expensive compare to Asian vege) and at the same time I have another option of healthy dish to rotate beside Choy Sim and Pak Choy Smile with tongue out



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