04 March 2011

Mc Angus with mushroom

ooooh….. so coincidence… mushroom talk again… Embarrassed smile but this time a quality mushroom meal…

2011-03-04 12.39.29

Stepped into MacDonald at lunch time today. Suppose to take away the $1.95 super cheap burger but the promotion over and the over new menu caught my attention…. ANGUS BURGER with MUSHROOM Smile with tongue out

2011-03-04 12.52.58

Look at the fresh burger photo….. not so bad right ? Expecting the burger should be smaller n less fresh compare to those in promotion poster but the team prove me wrong this time.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

is this burger nice ?
SPore we had Macgrill chicken. using the same bread. wow...is a huge bread loh.
then offer till 07/03 buy 1 for 1.so is 2 buger for S$5.40 oni.
I try liao but i don really like it.
Fm : JJ