11 March 2011

A good lunch

mmm…. look at the dishes on offer at this Indian restaurant… need to Q up for a while during lunch time to order my meal at Flinders Street.

2011-03-11 13.42.53

My Sri Lankan buddy told me about this place for a few months but our arrangement for having lunch here keep on push back due to … mmm… due to something lar Winking smile

Kept on swallow saliva upon enter the premise. Obviously this place have the reason to be well known.

For today, I select Briyani Rice with Chicken.

2011-03-11 13.47.15

Like always, went the plate of rice come…. I always fainted. The size of the serve could feed 2 persons.

Than come my coworker dish… oh… he picked Naan with side dish of mutton and chicken.

2011-03-11 13.54.23

The first 10mins of eating was fun & swallow fast but after half plate down my throat…. like always look at the other half… grrrr…. slowly slowly push them down my throat…

My buddy thought i am as big eater as him so he ordered another samosa…mmmm not a mini size BUT a gigantic Samosa Annoyed

2011-03-11 13.47.06

Too bad, I have no desire to touch this big things… so he have to salvage on behave of me…. sorry buddy !

A last photo is the interior of this quality restaurant. Spacious and clean…. so unlike the mamak store back to home… hehehehehe

2011-03-11 13.48.48

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