24 March 2011

Bunga Raya

Hibiscus also know as Bunga Raya (the national flower of Malaysia) is a pretty flower, especially the red type as below.

2011-03-23 13.34.33

Why envelop next to pretty hibiscus ????  hehehe… to give you an idea on the diameter of this proud flower… yayaya…. in BolehLand, Bunga Raya usually come in “S” size but over here… they blossom in to “XL” size… must be lot of bullshit at the base of the plant Nerd smile

2011-03-23 13.34.52

Today only display 2 type of colour… maybe I will blog more on the variety in coming day….

Lastly, hibiscus blossom like nut during summer…. but the huge flowers apparently only coming out now, early autumn.

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