30 March 2011

Andrej Pejic

Took this picture directly from TV screen while watching news…..

2011-03-30 19.16.23

Wow pretty model Smile with tongue out ! The report was related Myer (a branded department store reopening celebration) They invited this international top model Andrej Pejic as guest. Like always (Aussie appreciate local talent), the news reporter pointed out that he… Yes ! HE is from Boardmeadows, Melbourne. Nowadays he based in Europe for modelling job.

Managed to gather more photos of this guy who modelling for female dress. 


 Just in case you don’t believe my claimed of Andrej is a male. Here another photo I snap from TV screen.

2011-03-30 19.16.40

And the next photo will definitely make you stop argue about his gender Devil


I wonder is there any model hunter outside there looking for uncle like me for similar assignment as Andrej have ?

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Anonymous said...

yo..I am really surprised! Sui