12 February 2011

Yee Sang for 2011

Come Sat… a day I looking forward to… because I was invited to T’s home for dinner and Mrs T promised me to have Yee Sang with me, suppose to be my 1st and only Yee Sang for Rabbit year Confused smile….

This was the plate of Yee Sang we had. We bought it from Asian Groceries in the city centre, just a few cups of dried material (not included the big bunch of Salmon at the centre of plate). Cost us $20 for THESE (made in Bt Mertajam)

2011-02-12 17.12.59

That smart woman (Mrs T lar) already anticipate the pack to be not so Yee Sang-able so she already shape up a plan on how to dress-up plate.

She added in pears…. lime juice…. the smell good green vege etc…. and here come the finish goods which I am pleased to present to you all ! 

2011-02-12 17.17.03

oh…. I am so happy at the end…. I loved Yee Sang…. always… now start to think of Dragon year Yee Sang…..

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