14 February 2011

Red Hot Chilly

This are the fresh chilly I harvest from Mrs T garden.

2011-02-12 16.48.46

She said this chilly is '”Point to Sky“ type…. if you look at the photo than u will know why….. and this type of chilly damn HIAM (hot) too… according the her lar Surprised smile


2011-02-12 16.44.04

I took the above few fresh chilly back home to enjoy Smile with tongue out They came from the other tree shown below…  summer is over soon… these fully blossom with chilly plants going to turn dry and sick look soon..

2011-02-12 16.44.29


Anonymous said...

tis chilly is same as chilli padi,right ? goes well wth fried fish....yum yum
fm : jj

mummy-t said...

this is chilli padi...