22 February 2011

The Party Bus

Question => Where you go when you want t have a party with loud music !?

Answer => Disco or Bar or Pub…. right ?

Answer is no only above for Melbourne standard because they smart businessman even use boat (float on Yarra River) and bus (drive on street) as party platform.

I saw these type of moving party buses in the city many times but always too fast for me to capture the picture….. until Sunday evening when I got below photo to share here. Winking smile

2011-02-20 20.33.20

Long before the bus drove by me, I already heard loud rhythm and heavy beat than came the girlie scream… it happened that this bus slow down next to me due to traffic light... and these group of pretty young gals so excited to shown me how happy they were… Camera out than Snap !

Anyone want to join me for this party ?

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