07 February 2011


One of the most common subject I share with relatives and friends during my short stay in BolehLand was => “Your place got Im Chui (affected by flood) or not !?”

The stylo me always respond this question with “No way, I stay in CITY, not Kampung (country side) so no chance to soak water

Today morning back to normal routine. On foot heading to work place. First my eyes caught by below scene…

2011-02-07 13.43.58

mmm… how come the pedestrian walkway cover by dried leaves and woods? Than turn my head to main road…. mmm… not as clean as usual… can see dirt accumulated at the side.

2011-02-07 13.46.05

When I came to shop lot, than I know something was not right ? Carpet inside the shop look stain. Than the below wording on one bar window gave me a hint what may happened last few days.

2011-02-07 13.48.34

My doubt prove correct when I step into work place. Certain parts of office carpet still have wet spot and it smell…. no nice !

Saw below pool of water at changing area…

2011-02-07 07.19.10

So confirm FLOOD occurred at my so thought safe zone during I am away.

According to my co worker, at certain area the water go up to kneel high at street level. Heavy rain pour down on Friday and stay for a long period which cause this flash flood in the city.

Took below photo on my way back after work.

2011-02-07 13.47.20

The on TV said the attack is not over yet.. this coming weekend may repeat the same story and this time I am here ready to experience it….. more photos will be up here if really happen. Hot smile

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Anonymous said...

Must be that cyclone that hit Aussie last wk. Pray hard no more floods...inconvenience caused to folks & damages to furniture & equipments.Sui