23 February 2011

Eat Mushroom

How to cook mushroom ? Disappointed smile Someone shown me the simplest way few months back, just stir fried it. Not really impress with this cooking method so have not pick up mushroom from rack for very long time.

Every time at supermarket, sure see local pick mushroom in big quantity.. I wonder how they eat it ?

Today I decided to give it another go… bought a bag of it. This was the result of my cooking ! Rolling on the floor laughing

2011-02-23 19.33.54

Dark Dark right ? Scary ? Not me African it this time…. the mushroom I bought is black colour type. Next time I will grab the pure white mushroom instead Laughing out loud

What I did was oil in wok than fried garlic…. put in mushroom and they absorbed all the oil. Some pepper, salt and soy sauce. After a while, the mushroom started to shrink and water began to form at the bottom of the wok….. very strange experience.

So is my finish dish good ?  mmm…. taste like mushroom lor…. what I like about this cooking is not too oily… easy to do the after cook cleaning Nerd smile


Mr T said...

What type of mushroom is that????

Ah Tom said...

swiss something... small n dark brown type.

Anonymous said...

it looks scary to me...use jap. or chinese mushroom better & stir fry with veges. All black black n all mushrooms, so boring! SUi