26 February 2011

Down with Halloween Birds

I think both of my hands already DEFORM !!!!

Yes…. out of normal shape…. reason was holding phone in odd position for TOOO long ! Nerd smile

After more than 48hrs of marathon poking… finally I managed to complete the final page of Halloween Birds….. piuuu…… Tired like hell but happy too… hard work mah ! Vampire bat

DSC00002 (2)

At this stage, my total score should be shitty cause at time I am so sick of poking for 3 Stars so once I got it… I just moved on.


The purpose of these crazy poking was to view this big pumpkin which growing with golden light once I achieve the all stars status  Thumbs up

DSC00004 (2)

Also, I got a very huge thrill at the level 45 (last game) when they have this flying ghost (highlighted below) on the screen.


It is a very easy to complete game but the animated ghost which have a PIG hide inside is SUPER damn cute ! LOVE it !

Now…. take a break and next…. Valentine Bird !!!  Winking smile

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