27 February 2011

Bird Mission completed … for now !

I am mad with myself.. half of my Sunday used on poking Angry Bird Valentine chapter….. the phone was hot like iron and both hands need to do plaster now.

However, by 6:30pm… I allow myself to call it a day with Angry Birds. Done with this latest challenge…

DSC00004 (2)DSC00005

The totally score for this chapter should be not bad bcos I scored high points in few levels….. well… who know Mrs T still a few points higher than me Shifty


Don’t care how it go…. important thing is I got the shining shining screen at the result page which is a big satisfaction for a poking pervert like me Confused smile


Am I going to stop poking at all after today ? mmm… no.. I still can poke in between my free time because there are few levels of bonus challenge which I have not play yet…..

However, don’t worry that I will blog about it again… I am sick of talk bird here….. The next time you see me blog on Angry Birds would be the new update chapter…. waitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing now ! Smile with tongue out

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