05 February 2011

1M – Day 8

Had lunch at Westin’s Chinese restaurant EEST, Tim Sum buffer. Since it was those star star type of eating place so I control myself from snap snap photos or else the auntie uncle surrounded me will give comment 1st time come to stylo eating place kar Nyah-Nyah 

However, I can’t control myself hands from flash my camera when I brought back the below small plate of Yee Shang to my table…

2011-02-05 13.39.34

Okay, it is a super mini Yee Shang which I mixed myself at the counter. It don’t taste nice at all but at least I got the presentation look lar…

Saturday night dinner was one of the moment I cherries most in recent year. Time to sit down to have dinner with a few of individuals I used to loath and fight with in my younger days. They were 2 of my sibling and the old lady (mum). Since when does we stop shouting painful words and trying to murder each other ? Smile with tongue out Since when mum easily secure the attention and gentle care from us ? (mmmm… usually she only got these quality attention when outside home lar… once back to house… hehehe… she have to take care herself again Hot smile)

Good sign ? Yah… but it also mean all of us really turn old these days, some already in mid life crisis and I am one leg in one leg still hanging out.

No photos of our fun and warm buffer dinner to up here (what for give free advertisement to the hotel right ?) but I would like to show 3 pretty faces her … oop… could be 4 pretty faces if my look could be accepted by some lar…


Princess S and Princess L….. they were playing with Queeny Baileys when take a break at my place. Meeting the lady on the right of this photo always give me a scary reminder….mmm…. I used to take care her when she was a new born….. this lady make me ageeeeeeeee like rocket…. Baring teeth smile


Than come the latest photo of me and my little Princess G, this little girl almost melt my heart at the end of the night because when I told her I am not going to see her again for a while and she give me the sad puppy look… grrrrr…

The positive part of above photo was NO Double CHIN… ok… I kind of cheat… I hide it… kakakakaka

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