02 February 2011

1M - Day 5

Time to eat bread for breakfast Nerd smile…. mmm… not the ordinary white bread from bread shop BUT traditional 1M toast bread which available in modern coffee shop.

2011-02-02 09.46.46

 1st come 2 plates of toast bread which have “Kaya” and peanut butter sandwich in between.

Good Good Winking smile… than come the saliva killing half boiled egg on toast bread

2011-02-02 09.46.28

Some of you may think the above bread look yucky but for those who know how to enjoy this breakfast…. mmm…. than above photo will be super yummy.

oh… no photo to show off for lunch because I had a simple meal cooked by mum as for dinner… sorry sorry…. reunion dinner… mmm everybody rushing to get the table setup till I have not time to snap photo. Embarrassed smile

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