01 February 2011

1M – Day 4

This is Cheo Cheong Fan…… one of must have breakfast in my shopping list.

2011-02-01 08.44.22

The store next to it is my next favourite breakfast => Peanut Pan cake.

2011-02-01 08.44.11

In less than 10 mins I done with my take away breakfast hunting. Had it at home with a cup of home coffee.

Next come lunch… mmm… time to wait ONE hour for a bowl of “Lalat” Chui Yok Fun (Pork Noodle with lot of fries)

2011-02-01 14.30.26

Like always, lot of peoples waiting and enjoy the juicy pork slices and sweet soup. The only different was the lady who take order heavily pregnant now Nyah-Nyah

Look at the close up of this fantastic meat !!!

2011-02-01 14.30.09

I also never forget to order a cup of icy sour plum lime juice.

2011-02-01 14.08.08

Now come to talk on fast food… One of the MUST eat meal for my return trip is a burger Winking smile

Am I nut ? Back to SEA for fast food ? Don’t worry, I am not so salah yet…. for peoples from LionLand & BolehLand they would understand why must have this burger from McD, The Prosperity Burger


This ever unique menu only available during CNY period… thick of pepper sauce come with curly fries + a cup of mandarin juice. Last night I took home a Chicken Burger and a Beef Burger.

Rolling on the floor laughing another satisfying dish captured !!

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Anonymous said...

spore tis new don have tis prosperity burger.('',)
Fm : JJ