13 January 2011

Green Grape

I think this green grape (seedless) is in season again because the price kind of low.

2011-01-08 18.00.35

Last few months, any grape labels in supermarket will have their price printed as A$ 13++ but I saw bargain price of below A$ 7 on green grape since last week (red grape still above $10 right now)

The reason I enjoy having grape is they are so easy to consume. Wash and put into mouth… no need to peel or cut In love


Anonymous said...

Grrrrrrrrrrr stop showing off juicy fresh grapes!!! i am drooling now :)

Anonymous said...

Spore selling alot of seedless green & normal color grapes...NTUC sells $4.75 to $5.95 (enough for a sizable serving of 4 persons) in a plastic container. Most of it are baby to small grapes which i like very much..so juicy. How come Aussie grapes so x...where it originate? sui