28 January 2011

Flowers at the balcony

I rarely have the opportunity to see pots of flowers display at apartment in the way this unit owner do it Be right back

2011-01-21 12.32.36

Usually people stay in apartment block don’t really do such a good gardening. Busy city life made most of forget about the beauty of natural. The most I could see are a few pots of big tough green plants which no need much attention.

2011-01-21 12.32.52

I like the combination of the colors in these pots. These kind of plants have the plastic look and I reckon the owner of this apartment should be an old lady. If I am not mistaken, these type of flowers made always appeared on those classic old fashion Queen style movies. Nerd smile (just my personal feeling, no logic based)

2011-01-21 12.32.44

I have the habit to turn my head toward this balcony everything I passing by the block….wonder the flowers would still be there when autumn come ?

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Anonymous said...

i reckon this owner is a very neat & tidy person too..BTW, I am gg to put up my blossoming pussy willows at home for CNY soon. Bought at Ikea for a pot of $10. Feed them ice cubes, talk to them & admire them to bloom attractively for me. hehehe. Sui