31 January 2011

1M – Day 3

Monday…..  the main focus for today is running  errands. What to do… too much money in all the banks.. have to check check see see if the figures already running out of space for printing in bank statement Confused smile

Before doing anything, no 1 priority was BF…. noodle of the morning was Wanton noodle + Char Siew (BBQ Pork) at Glenmarie Shah Alam..

2011-01-31 08.36.33

Greedy man request for extra plate of Char Siew and small bowl of prawn dumpling…. the option of drink was limited so the pic here shown longan drink.

2011-01-31 08.38.46

Frankly, a good choice for breakfast…. the BBQ pork just excellent…. Angel

Lunch time was Malay store BBQ honey chicken, due to too occupied with my next few hours plan… totally forget to snap photos when having it…. good, spare you guys from some miserable saliva dripping photos.

THAN… come dinner… uh la la…. Hokkien Uncle like me will not miss out this noodle

2011-01-31 20.54.24

Hokkien Fried Noodle using charcoal…. so much dark sauce… so sweet…. and of cos.. the so yummy small slice of deep fried pork fat…. die la die la… i still craving for more…. maybe have to get another plate Sarcastic smile

One plate where got enough right ? So asked for another bowl of mee hoon soup…. wow…. equally good.. n

2011-01-31 20.58.22

So side dish for dinner was BBQ duck…. psss…. i don’t really consume ducky but i am ok with the product of this store at Uptown.

2011-01-31 20.54.30

The Quak Quak meat still have some fat hide under the skin but not too thick.. and no ducky smell too….. Nerd smile

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