29 January 2011

1M – Day 1

The week long eat eat eat party for my return trip to 1Malaysia began after 2:30am…. while I still in the plane…. the pretty AirAsia stewardess served me the first original taste nasi lemak 1.5 hrs after flight take off. Try not to imaging how I swallow the rices ok ! Confused smile 

Next I spent almost 9 hrs listing down what and what to eat for the next 7 days while struggle in my small seat.

The first stop upon arrival was Roti Canai store near to my home…. hehehehe…. these were the choice of mixture Roti I asked for. (Kosong, Terlu and Pisang)

 2011-01-29_08-19-04_838 (640x478)

No need to cast doubt on my ability to clean the plates…. easy task. Sarcastic smile

In a blink, lunch time arrive…. what next ? Of cause the ever famous Bak Kut Teh (herbal pork soup)

2011-01-29 16.21.49

 Just like always, I opt for the dried type… and I got my green green icey drink… the Wheat Grass juice. 

2011-01-29 16.21.57

For my super hot Mrs T, nah….. saliva drip time for you… Chilly Padi hot hot…

2011-01-29 16.23.24

Shopping shopping after the big meaty lunch… than very fast, dinner time came….. ahhhhh…… nothing please me better than a real good Japanese dinner.

Below plate of Sashimi listed at the top of this restaurant menu….. wow… all type of fishes…. no need to waste time check the rest… tick !!! 

2011-01-29 20.14.09

 Than deep fried soft shell crab….. Smile with tongue out

2011-01-29 20.23.56

And get a personal meal of Unagi Rice to fill up my tummy !

2011-01-29 20.30.42

So there end my eating festival on the 1st day of my holiday…. what to have next ah ? I don't know smile

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