30 December 2010

Fashion Expert

Suddenly I want to show my fashion sense in my blog…

I reckon this piece of lady dress is awesome Be right back The light blue color is so smoothing but the main reason for me to lay my eyes on it was the brown color line at the top. From my point of view, it act like giving support to boob…. brilliant idea but not sure it is really have the effect ?!

2010-12-24 11.32.53

Some background about this dress. The designer is from UK and this dress was made in Bali (I know the owner of this boutique)

It printed as AUD 270/- at the price tag…. OMG ! Surprised smile

So dear lady reader… do tell me am I really of good taste in fashion or actually I am appreciating a disaster design ???

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

U hv fashion taste. This pc is exorbitantly over-priced!! Owner is profiting more than AUD200++!

I have an almost similar pc like yr pic. (w/out) the brown strap. Bought online at gmarket. Pay SGD18only. Sui