17 September 2010

Collingwood vs Geelong (Footy)

Tonight is the night…. the semifinal round for Auastralia Football League (AFL)…. Collingwood (the team I support) meet Geelong.




They are the top 2 clubs in Australia footy league. It will be greater if they will face each other at next week final but the draw on the chart made them fight each other on this week semifinal instead.

Indirectly, tonight should be the climax of 2010 league because the winner of tonight match will be almost confirm to be this year champion on next week final game.


Long before come here… already know in advance that Australia Football (footy) is a total different game from what we saw in TV.

Was totally no idea why so many man running around the oval shape field when I began to watched the match. smile_sad


Gave up a few times by changed channel. My on going effort to understand the sport get the result after 4 mths of hardwork.

I started to see why the sport so addictive.

First, they have many players at each side… 18 at all in one time. So when the game is on, you can see 36 players cover the field all over the place.


The players are allow to kick, throw, heading, hand catching, tackle each other on the field.

The turning point of my interest came when I saw below action on the game….


Certain players are so good that they able to leap to the air to catch the ball. Totally fascinated by their ability.

From that moment onward… I learn to like it…. and tonight i am going to glue to my TV from 7:30 – 11:00PM….

Yes, long hours… footy rules and game patent are totally unique…. 

Goooooo Magpie…… I want to see you win tonight…

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Anonymous said...

wah. this football tough leh. only the fittest can qualify..need to tackle,fight,leap. Sure yr eyes will be glued even if sleeply if u must watch this game. Sui