02 February 2016

UBank new App ----> Hopeless

I am a long term customer of UBank and hardly encounter problem with the bank.

I am very comfortable with the old App as it is easy to utilize.

On 1 beautiful day of Jan 2016, I received an email from UBank informing me that the website and app would be updated to new layout. Wow... awesome. Sooooo looking forward for it.

I think I installed the new App (which replaced my old App) end Jan..... Look at the layout ::::

Pretty COOL yeah.... no problem to login and do my standard transactions. No complain !!

Then TWO days ago..... another new update notification came in. As usual, I just run it and updated. Never open it because I no need to perform any transaction then.

DISASTER pop out this morning when I need to make some cash transfer.


Reason is SECURITY requirement. Follow the notice... shutdown all the apps in used (which was easy because my phone got a WIPE everything function)
Back to the DAMN USELESS UBank App, login n same notice flash...

NOW I have problem..... what the hell is this "LUX" thing ??? How I going to get it done ??

Common UBank smart arse.... there are many big banks out there implement App to their customers and all of them simplify and user friendly. NOW you introduce an update version that making old man like me facing problem.

NOT Smart mate..... ur bank destiny to be phase out soon.
For next few months, I will stay put as your almost dead customer (going to transfer my fund out) and eventually you will not hearing any word from me.....



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