14 July 2011

Jack Vidgen – Australia’s Got Talent 2011

Another totally stunning contestant which easily could be end up as Top 3 is the 14yrs old Jack Vidgen.

Performance on Audition 

To view the full & clear version of above performance do click on this link (so far the YouTube counter already hit above 1.3mil on this link)

Jack came back and gave another shocking show on Semi Final round by picked a song which made him sound so black singer.

Performance on Semi-Final

Than next come the final 18 show. He sang a song which I don’t know (hehehehe) but at the end of the performance, all the judges stood out and cheer him…. that must be good right ?

Again, that performance not up at YouTube yet… perhaps another few days will be available.

If Jack go on to world stage… very soon Justin Bieber will be history. I am serious….


Anonymous said...

not really... dun forget Justin B. is more handsome than Jack. Sui

kelly said...

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Ah Tom said...

Sui, JB just the look lar.. only under 12yo girlie hot on him.... the vocal... so so